What I’ve done


  • Built a React Native application that helps to properly tension your bandsaw using its vibration for Inkleind
  • Helped refactor a Java Spring Boot Application to AWS Lambda (Java)
  • Mentored Junior Developers in how to integrate a new feature in a legacy PHP application
  • Helped with a transition in code ownership of a legacy Mobile Ionic 1 App.


2018 - 2019

  • Coded a 3D file conversion program from FBX to PlayCanvas’ JSON format for Herth.
  • Updated an Android app to add data synchronization alongside some other features. Without access to the source code as the client have lost it. I was hired by Camp Hickory Hill
  • Built a web application with Laravel and React for TextMyGuests
  • Updated a React Native application for Behaviorsoft.
  • Built a multi-page survey in React (A lot of custom components required for the user experience) for <div>ersity PBC
  • Started working with various companies in the U.S. through NouKòd, a local agency.


  • Created a quiz application for a friend. What I was most proud of was the built-in package management system, allowing installation, update and removal of a set of questions. It was built for Android with Kotlin