How I learn

Learning is understanding and visualizing models

Lately, I've been reading a lot of /wuxia/ books. They have a central theme related to cultivation, or the betterment of selves through training and understanding of nature's laws. Upon reflection, I find that it quite similar to how I approach learning. I don't really focus on rote memorization, instead building a model of the concept layer by layer. I always believe there is an essence, or Law, that governs the behavior and properties of said concept. The model is a visualization of said law, providing approaches to manipulate our point of view or a techniques to apply it in order to solve a specific issue.

When we start on a concept, we can only observe its effects. Learning is searching the medium and the cause of these effects. It's a process, similar to exploring a dark house with a lamp. Overtime, you'll have a complete map and a host of information about each room and how they relate to the whole house.