Apps I use daily


Sublime Text

This is my text editor of choice when working on a project that does not require an IDE. It's fast and extensible. I've installed the NeoVintageous plugin to get Vim mode, and I'm currently using Ayu as my theme and color scheme.


Sublime Merge

I'm perfectly comfortable using Git in the terminal, but every so often I just want to do a bit of exploring or review code, which makes a GUI a perfect solution. I was thrilled when Sublime Merge was released and quickly adopted as my GUI tool of choice for that purposes.




Bear is my personal knowledge management app. I don't typically take notes when learning as my approach is very visual, but it's great for reflection and sharing. Writing down things, means you can correct flaws in your approach and see if you have learned something enough to make it your own. These notes are written using Bear.



I bought this after reading Getting Things Done. I love the simplicity of the app. In addition to the Task concept, it also has Areas and Projects, which makes it straightforward to implement the system you're most comfortable with. I use Areas to compartmentalize my interests and Projects as subcategories (contexts, real projects, or just different interests).



As a power user, I like to customize things to fit my needs, which is why I bought Alfred. Spotlight is fine, but I wanted that extra freedom… I still have to write a custom workflow for it, though.




After getting frustrated with Music organization — it keeps messing up the albums tags —, I gave up and bought Swinsian. I prefer having local files, as a lot of the genres I listen too are not available on Spotify. It's pretty much perfect for me, except for one thing: No dark mode support.