Holy-Elie Scaide

Why I don't use AI

As a tech enthusiast, I am aware of the impact AI is making on the tech scene. Many people are saying that AI increases their productivity, especially in the act of creating, but for me, I'm still doubtful that AI can be a positive value in my work, mostly because of these three factors.

Having control over what I'm doing

I love to create. This is what drives me, both in my career today which is creating software, and in my hobbies, like drawing. I like to be in control of most of the process, not only the idea, but the execution as well.


The results of your prompts are random, and there is no deterministic way to know what the result will be. This also makes you unable to predict whether the result will be something you'd want. Especially in the case of code that has a very strict syntax and where the elements to be used are part of a finite set. AI is known to imagine elements that are not in these sets (hallucination) and you can't trust the accuracy of what it presents to you.


These two elements reduce the usefulness of tools with an AI component for me. Many times, I have a clear idea of what I want to do, the only thing left is the execution. The creative part is done by taking a moment to reflect, and the exploration (research) I do requires me to be certain of the accuracy of what I find. So in the process of exploration, creation, and execution (in that order), I don't see how I can involve AI.