Holy-Elie Scaide

Advent of Code with Common Lisp

My previous attempt doing Advent of Code was done with Clojure. I've actually learned Common Lisp before Clojure, but I fell in love with the stricter nature of Clojure, and decided to go with it. It was fun, but I haven't configured a full development setup for it and had trouble doing a proper REPL workflow. But, I've completed the first few days.

This time, I had the motivation to finish. I've installed SBCL and added Sly on my Emacs setup (not that I use Emacs that much, I'm more of a VIM guy). It was a blast. The REPL workflow was great. Much more so for debugging. I could have written test cases, but it was faster to just load data inside variables and directly test my functions inside the interpreter. Sadly, I did not manage to complete all challenges. I had an exam coming and I lost the coding vibes afterwards. But Sly + Emacs reminds me of my days using an IDE with proper support for a language, including debugging. It's something I miss when doing JS projects with text editors and barely any tooling.